Update for FALL 2013


Get Organized: Pack Summer Away

Make sure the items you store are laundered or dry cleaned. Even if clothing appears clean, invisible stains — especially in light colored linen and cotton — can turn into permanent spots by the time you take them out to wear for vacation or next summer. Moths are drawn by deodorant, perfume and body odor. Invisible stains from clear soda or white wine will turn yellow over time and can become impossible to remove. And be sure to remove all dry-cleaning bags from your closet to air out fumes and prevent fabrics from becoming discolored.

When possible, store off-season clothing in canvas bags which allow the fibers to breathe. Or drape a clean cotton sheet over hanging clothes, making sure the shoulders and sleeves are covered. You can also put shoulder covers over your hanging clothing to protect the shoulders year-round; I do.

Sweaters can be zipped into sweater bags. If using plastic boxes, line them with a clean, unbleached sheet folded over the garments to help absorb any potential moisture. However, always put fur and leather garments in canvas bags.

No matter how you store your clothing, it should be in a cool, dry area.

Closet Surgery: Organizing Your Closet

FALL is the perfect time to review what is in your closet. If the job of sorting through your closet seems overwhelming, let me know. I am a “gifted closet surgeon.” The goal of “closet surgery” is that your every day options should be in your most becoming colors, should fit and should be in style. I can pull together outfits you never dreamed of wearing together by shopping right in your own closet using your very own clothing. It is fun and it is cathartic so let me know if I can assist you).

Update Your Wardrobe

That being said, update your wardrobe each season with something new. For FALL 2013 consider giving your wardrobe a burst of brilliance with something in purple. From lavender to eggplant, purple reigns. If your feet can tolerate it, pointed toes are seen on everything from pumps to boots.

Red is the new neutral and everyone has either warm (yellow) reds or cool (blue reds) in their color palette. So look for a top or a scarf or a new lipstick in your best shade of red.

Leather – both real and fake — can be found for almost every article of clothing.

Decorate this season’s clothing with dyed-to-match stones in hues of amethyst, garnet and ruby found in multifaceted necklaces.

 Fall 2013 Trends

But remember that just because a trend happens does not mean you need to adopt it. Wear only what flatters you, not just because it is “in.”