To Grey or Not to Grey?

The Pandemic has kept us in lock down and away from hair salons for many months. Some saw their grey hair for the first time and wondered if they should let their hair go grey or color it again. Coloring your hair can often be the largest chunk of your monthly budget and many are asking themselves if it is worth the money and the hassle to keep coloring it.
So how do you make a decision? What are the PROS and CONS of Going Grey.
Factors in Favor of Coloring Your Hair

  • You May Look Older If You Don’t. Grey hair can age you.
  • You Can Add Some Edge Having a funky color can add to your style and be a signature part of your look.
  • You Can Change Colors When You Want If you want to add a different element to your color without a huge commitment, you can consider a semi-permanent hair dye.
  • Your Clothes Might Not Suit You Any More if you let your hair go grey. A new wardrobe may be more expensive than continuing to color your hair.
  • You would probably need new makeup to avoid looking washed out.

Factors in Favor of Letting Your Hair Go Grey.

  • The grey or silver coming in Goes Beautifully with your Skin Tone.
  • You can Alter the Tone of your Grey Hair to an extent by using a purple shampoo.
  • You Save a lot of Money Every Month.
  • You Save a lot of Time and Hassle.
  • You May Look More Natural.
  • No More Chemicals.
  • Going Grey Could Suit You. Your grey hair may suit your skin tone better.
  • You May Discover a New (Improved) Style. If you have been stuck in a style rut, you may find going gray gives you the impetus you need to rediscover a new you.
  • You Could Look Younger. I know I already said that grey hair may age you, but the opposite can also be true. If you continue coloring your hair, the color may start to look too harsh against your changing skin tone.