The Power of Red

February 14th is Valentine’s Day and that brings to mind the color red. No other color is charged with as much energy, emotion or passion. Its popularity in clothing is universal and spans all ages, professions and cultures. Contrary to what many think, any one can wear the color red. The key is to have a color analysis done to determine the red tones that best complement and enhance your own skin, hair and eyes.  When wearing red, keep the following points in mind.

  • Pay attention to the shoes you wear with red. Black is usually the best choice. Black patent leather works well with smooth red fabrics such as wool gabardine and silk, while black suede shoes or boots can provide a nice balance for heavier and/or textured red wool fabrics such as crepe or boucle.
  • Black stockings often appear too harsh when worn during the day with a solid red outfit. A sheer nude or buff can create a softer, more professional day time look. And I prefer off black rather than black hose for evening.
  • If you prefer to wear red suits with black stockings or tights because of the extra coverage they provide for your legs, do so strategically. For instance, tie the outfit together with a scarf, necklace or earrings that include both red and black. If black is in your color palette, a black turtleneck worn with a red suit, black tights and black pumps or boots can also help you achieve a well-balanced and contemporary appearance.