“I have searched for years for foundation and lipstick that work for women of color. FINALLY I found Lynne who had a great selection of makeup for women of color. She saved the day and enhanced my appearance.” 40-year-old Government Employee

” Lynne is amazing! She identified a more becoming hairstyle and eyeglass frames, and I receive compliments from men and from women.” 44-year-old Government Employee

“Lynne has changed my life. I am a middle-aged divorcee and self-conscious about my weight. Lynne’s sensitivity to my issues and the fashion manual have helped me know what styles and shapes will look best on me. It has really boosted my self confidence!” 63-year-old Attorney

“Lynne is a confidence booster. Her assistance coupled with my new silhouette guide help me to know how to look my very best.” 37-year-old Association Executive

“If Lynne hadn’t come, I would have thrown out perfectly wonderful clothes as ‘mistakes.’ She put into use clothing I wasn’t wearing and created stunning combinations I hadn’t thought of. Every time I’m with Lynne, I end up looking more fabulous. – 64 year-old Non-Profit Executive

“I can get dressed more quickly now because my closet and drawers are all winnowed out.” – 42-year-old Lobbyist

“Lynne has eliminated the anxiety I felt when facing my closet every morning. She helped me get rid of the mistakes, clutter, and confusion.” – 28 year-old Paralegal

“Best $350 I’ve ever spent. Lynne is a total hoot, has a great eye, works with you, your style, and what you’ve got.” – 55-year-old Lobbyist

“Lynne did closet editing for me with sensitivity and humor and I wasn’t even tempted to hit the sales since I knew exactly what I had and what I needed.” – 50-year-old Writer

“You have helped to give me the confidence to leave the military after a long, successful career. The word ‘fashion’ will no longer evoke fear in me. You have helped me make a successful transition to civilian life, now that I know how to dress and makeup for my new life.” – 54-year-old One Star General

“Without purchasing a single thing, I felt like I had a whole new wardrobe. Lynne used what I already had to pull together 23 new outfits! She also left me with a shopping list for pieces I need to fill in.” – 55-year-old Law Professor

“When I transitioned from the military to civilian life, I didn’t have a clue about putting myself together. Lynne saved my life by putting together a wardrobe for me so I could interview for jobs with confidence, date with self-assurance, and feel comfortable in my new world.” – 48-year-old Retired Naval Officer

“I still cannot believe how much we accomplished in four hours. Normally I would have bought a fraction of what I purchased, spent more for each item, returned some of the mistakes, and wished I had returned the others.” – 30-year-old Stay-At-Home Mom

“A female’s ego reaches a sensitive point around age 14, yet Lynne found ways to notice and genuinely admire each girl’s unique features and to gently redirect efforts in a way that was neither confrontational nor critical. The girls were transformed!” – Mother

“I really appreciate having had Lynne’s color and shape analysis – it must have been 10 years or more ago – but I still have that knowledge when I’m shopping. It’s a forever benefit!” – 60-year-old Artist

“It’s a wonderful feeling to awaken and know there’s something fabulous in my closet to put on and feel great about wearing today, thanks to Lynne’s gifted eye.” – 32-year-old Government Employee

“Instead of being frazzled with indecision when packing, I was able to pack everything Lynne selected and feel confident. I had what I needed and wanted and felt stylish to boot. Her help is invaluable.” – 57-year-old Self-Employed Interior Designer

“My husband purchased Lynne’s time and expertise for my 40th birthday. I really had a great time and learned so much.” – 40-year-old Attorney

“I found Lynne through her website and was amazed at her responsiveness, talent and enthusiasm. She worked wonders with my mother, my daughter, and myself.” – 42-year-old Stay-At-Home Mom

“Lynne shops for me while I am living abroad. She knows my colors, size and style and sends me sophisticated and hip outfits for all occasions. She is highly professional, makes fashion fun and her services are cost-effective.” – 34-year-old US Diplomat

“Not a week passes that I don’t bless Lynne for rescuing me from my shapeless black wardrobe.” – 50-year-old Public Relations Consultant

“Lynne is a true ‘shopping goddess.’ She got me $2000 worth of clothing for $750 and her fee was only $350. She is incredibly efficient and savings conscious.” – 44-year-old Attorney

“I had no idea how much I had learned until I took my color palette into a store with me. It made it a lot easier to eliminate things I might have been attracted to but weren’t the right color for me.” – 47-year-old Teacher

“Lynne’s color analysis helped me to select more appropriate and flattering suits, shirts and ties.” – 52-year-old Accountant

“I came to Lynne looking washed out and tired and after she applied makeup, I felt beautiful, yet natural.” – 31-year-old Stay-At-Home Mom

Lynne Glassman, Doctor of Dress

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