Summer Wardrobe Tips

Light Colors

Lighter colors and softer fabrics can make undies — or absence of undies — a matter of public display. What’s a woman to do?

Seek out undies in a color close to your skin tone. Bright white is practically guaranteed to create a visible color line, especially under white shorts and pants.


Find styles that don’t cut into the soft tissue of your behind and create unsightly indentations.

If your lower body isn’t as toned as you might like, look for undies with a subtle control component.

Keep Whites Bright

How to Keep White Jeans White

Put away the bleach! Using bleach on whites will weaken fibers and cause yellowing over time. At the first sign of dullness, soak them over night in water with a strong pretreater, like Oxiclean Versatile stain remover. Then wash them with detergent in warm or hot water, and dry them at a cool temperature — hot dryers are another yellowing culprit.