Silhouette Analysis

Do you know what styles look best on you? What length jacket? The most flattering cut of trousers? The best neckline, hair style, or eyeglass shape? Let me help you build a versatile wardrobe that is individualized to your specific body type, face shape, and lifestyle. Learn how to enhance your best features, de-emphasize figure flaws, and minimize height and weight.

Using detailed measurements and a special computer program, I will compile a 50-page, illustrated fashion manual customized for you, detailing the styles of necklines, jackets, dresses, slacks, and other attire that best suit your individual proportions. The manual includes practical tips to help conceal figure flaws and guidelines to help you make better wardrobe choices.

A full silhouette analysis includes a face shape analysis,  giving you the tools to create your own best personal style from head to toe.

Duration: About 45 minutes, includes 50-page illustrated manual and handouts illustrating flattering hairstyles as well as examples of enhancing eyewear.

Female Body Types




Clothing shapes emphasize the shoulder line while they skim over body contours. Clothing shapes emphasize the shoulder line, waist, and body contours without over-emphasis on the waist. Clothing shapes emphasize the shoulder line and curves of the body with waist emphasis.