• Fall 2022 Fashion Trends
    The new FALL 2022 fashion trends are being shown in stores which means it is a good time to be inspired and perhaps do closet “surgery” first to determine what you have, can get rid of and also what to add to your wardrobe. Remember that just because something is on trend does not necessarily mean… Read more: Fall 2022 Fashion Trends
  • Capris
    Capris are cropped pants that stop above the ankle but usually well below the knee. They can be unflattering as they give the effect of shortening your legs, especially for women whose legs are proportionally short. They can also highlight chunky calves if your pants end at the wrong part of your leg. The eye… Read more: Capris
  • Tips for Finding the Perfect Bathing Suit
    Find the MOST FLATTERING BATHING SUIT FOR YOUR FIGURE  I know that many of us would rather do almost anything other than shop for a bathing suit. However, the weather is “summery” and swimming pools are open, so it is a good time to make sure you have something suitable to wear– in addition to… Read more: Tips for Finding the Perfect Bathing Suit
  • Fashion Tips – Spring 2022
    COST PER WEAR Smart dressing can mean making the most of your money by investing in pieces you can wear over and over again. I can think of several ways to do this: 1.Hire me to do closet “surgery” and make multiple outfits using your own clothing and accessories.2.Hire me to personal shop with/for you to help… Read more: Fashion Tips – Spring 2022

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