On sale in January, 2014

I hope you had a good holiday and are planning on looking and feeling your best in 2014. I look forward to seeing and working with many of you in the new year.
AlphaCeuticals reduced by 25%
AlphaCeuticals work well for ALL SKIN TYPES and are paraben free. 
  • AlphaCeutical Face Wash is made up of fruity acids and aloe vera gel. Usually $24.50, reduced to $18.
  • AlphaCeutical Face Toner, also made up of natural fruit extracts and sweeps away any remaining excess debris of makeup or pollutants.Usually $24.50, reduced to $18.
  • AlphaCeutical Serum contains glycolic acid derived from natural sugar cane and acts as an exfoliator. It is important to remove the dead skin cells from your face so that your moisturizer can penetrate. The Serum is available in four strengths. I recommend you begin with Serum # 5 for the first two months. And then proceed to the next highest until you reach the maintenance level Serum # 20. Your skin will begin to feel softer, fine lines and skin discolorations will diminish, and skin will become smoother and younger-looking with continued use. Each is reduced from $35 to $26.25.
    • #5 Five percent glycolic serum for beginners
    • #10 Ten perfect glycolic serum
    • #15 Fifteen percent glycolic serum
    • #20 Twenty percent glycolic serum
  • AlphaCeutical Moisture Cream is packed with vitamins and lactic acid and leaves skin nicely hydrated. Usually $30, reduced to $22.50.
Adrien Arpel Eye Treatment reduced by 25%
AA Eye Treatment is Paraben-free and is good for all skin types.
  • AA Eye Perfection Cream is priceless in performance.  Usually $26.50, on sale for $20.
  • Hydra-Lux Eye Masque is a light-textured, greaseless eye masque formulated to reduce skin damage, smooth fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. Usually $26.50, on sale for $20.
 Beautiful Earrings and Necklaces Further Reduced!
Take an additional 20% off the already wholesale prices of earrings and necklaces pictured below. Let me know if you would like to come by and try any or email me if you see something you want. The prices range  from $10 – $33!!!!  Nordstrom’s recent holiday catalog had some of the same earrings I am offering for 7 times more than my prices!