• Personal Style is not about beauty, age, size, wealth or even fashion; it is about knowing yourself and having the confidence to project your own unique style in a consistent and confident manner.
  • I believe there are no unattractive people; only those who have not learned how to enhance their best features and/or camouflage what they want to hide.
  • Learn which colors enhance your skin, hair and eyes. Understand yourself: your face shape, your body type. Know what is flattering and do not settle for less.
  • Insist on a good fit. Alterations are the rule, not the exception. The most wonderful garment will not look good if it doesn’t fit you well.
  • Think outfit; not item. Put each piece in the context of your wardrobe and lifestyle and accessorize it. Buy the best you can afford, especially for your “capsule items.” You don’t need a lot of clothing when you have the right pieces.
  • Take it one step at a time. A wardrobe is built over time, not overnight.
  • A great visual image increases self-esteem: when you know you look your best, you will walk, talk and even think differently and others will respond accordingly.

If you haven’t had your colors analyzed, or a face shape or silhouette analysis done, contact me, Lynne Glassman, Doctor of Dress, for an appointment.

I can also help you with wardrobe and accessory shopping. It is an ideal time to “edit” your closet and stock up on “capsule pieces” for your wardrobe and establish you personal style!