Personal shopping to bring out your best style
Need Shoes?

Wearing beautiful clothes is a great feeling – shopping for them can be pure torture. Hire me to shop for your clothing and accessories, whether for every day as a professional or as a stay at home mom, for weekends, for a job interview, for that special date, because you have lost weight, gained weight, or for a special occasion. You may accompany me or you may prefer that I present selections to you in the comfort and convenience of your home or office.

Watch this video – for a brief explanation of my personal shopping service as shown on Channel 8 News

Determine Your Dress for Success Profile

I start by creating a personal profile to understand the image you wish to project, your clothing preferences, and budget. With this information, I develop a focused shopping strategy that will best meet your needs.

Style is not about beauty, age, size, wealth or even fashion; it is about knowing yourself and having the confidence to project your own unique style in a consistent and confident manner. Read more of my Guiding Principles for your Personal Style.

Cost Effective

I make shopping cost-effective by saving you time, helping you avoid mistakes, and maximizing the use of each article of clothing. I explain why I select each item and why I reject others so it also becomes a learning experience. And because I’m budget-conscious, I will stay within your budget.