Spotlight on Lynne Glassman

Lynne Glassman does not miss a beat when it comes to her beauty business. Lynne has been with Color Me Beautiful for over 5 years and is always selling over $1,000 every month. Lynne had her strongest month of the 4th quarter in December. When speaking with Lynne, her passion and intensity cannot be missed. She describes herself as “Outrageous”.

When Lynne is asked how she does her business and what advice she would share, she is quick to say” a love for what you do is definitely a prerequisite for success”. Her second success tip is “staying in touch and staying in front of” her clients. Lynne stays in front of her clients with her monthly newsletter that gives fashion and beauty tips and offers specials. When asked if anything is different today vs. when she started in the business, Lynne says “I am more confident and more outrageous today”. She also shared that when she started her business, she never said “No” even though there were many times when she did not get a sale. She saw the time spent without a sale as practice. Lynne has not raised her service prices in over 10 years and has no regrets.

Lynne has recently been voted the #1 Stylist in the Metropolitan area and will be a featured guest at the 2016 Baltimore Craft Show. Lynne has a PhD. in Special Education and is known throughout DC and Maryland as Dr. Dress.

Lynne has clients of all ethnicities and of all socio-economic status. She knows for a fact that she would never have met the amazing women she calls her clients today, had she not been doing her beauty and image business.

Lynne has over 1700 clients and provides personal shopping and closet surgery services in addition to her image and beauty services. Lynne refuses to stop building her clientele, not only because she loves what she does, but she sees everyone as a potential client.

Lynne is known to tell women in a nice way that their hair color is wrong or that they are wearing the wrong colors without any concern about what their reaction will be. Peak on Lynne. You are an inspiration to us all.