Love Linen but Hate Wrinkles

Love Linen but Hate Wrinkles?

  • Look for linen blends — fabrics that combine linen with other fabrics, such as rayon — to keep wrinkling to a minimum.
  • Ask your dry cleaner to use extra starch when laundering your linen pieces. Your linens may be a bit stiff when you first put them on but as you wear them, they will relax a bit.
  • Consider purchasing a professional steamer at Bed Bath and Beyond. It is easy to use and takes only a few minutes to remove the wrinkles. (Wish they had something comparable for aging skin.)
  • If you want your linens to come out of the suitcase relatively wrinkle-free, fold them in plastic, dry-cleaning bags or in “packing envelopes” by Eagle Creek, which you can purchase at The Container Store or on line at
  • Wrinkle Releaser by Downey claims to remove wrinkles from clothing without the need of an iron