Looking Thinner Instantly

Minimal Cost – No Exercise – Ways to Trim Pounds

Wardrobe choices can trim 10 to 15 visual pounds– INSTANTLY!

  • Wear a “column of color” — one color head to toe.
    Add a contrasting over-layer OPEN so the eye continues to follow the column underneath.
  • A scarf tied at the center front or a long necklace can add another slimming effect.
  • Match your hose to both your hemline and shoe to avoid any horizontal color breaks.
  • (If your back and feet can withstand it), a shoe with a “2” inch heel lifts and shapes the lower leg.
  • Shoes with a lower vamp expose more of the foot, for a longer-legged look.
  • Body-shaping panty hose with lycra, such as Spanx, can firm and smooth out any “lumps and bumps” on your lower body.
  • A spandex-blend camisole worn over or instead of a bra can minimize back bulges.
  • Wear a bra that lifts you. Supporting your bustline properly can subtract pounds from your figure as well as discomfort from your day.
  • With an unstructured bodice or sweater, try adding a removable foam shoulder pad to balance any extra fullness in your hips, tummy, bust and/or upper arm.
  • Try pushing up your sleeves. It moves the eye upward and away from your hips.
  • Add earrings — at least the size of a dime– and if at all possible in your eye color to focus attention to your face.
  • Make sure your fabrics are soft and drapeable, but not clingy.
  • Use darker colors on the parts of your body you’d like to minimize.
  • Use brighter, lighter colors on  areas of your body you’d like to project.
  • Say no to pleats. Flat front trousers are instant minimizers. They create an unfussy, unbroken line, making you appear taller and slimmer.
  • Choose trouser styles with a zipper instead of a button front — they will make your tummy look flatter.

You’ll feel put-together and your confidence should soar. It WILL make a difference.