June 2014 Special Offer Details

Keep your lips moist and your lipstick on!

The creamy lipstick formula is enriched with aloe and Vitamin E to keep your lips healthier.  All lipsticks are reduced by 10% in June.  Usually $15, on sale for $13.50. And to help lipstick last hours longer, apply Colorfix to set your lipstick and prevent feathering or “bleeding” – usually $15, on sale for $13.50!

Get Your Shine On!

To keep your minimal summer makeup glowing, add light-catching highlights. Blend a touch of Color Me Beautiful Underglow (usually $24.50, on sale for $22) on the tops of the cheekbones and brow bones and down the bridge of the nose.  Apply a couple of layers until the glow is just right.

Tired Eyes

The skin around your eyes is thin and fragile, and if dehydrated, fine lines and wrinkles will be exaggerated. Using a highly effective moisturizing eye cream morning and night, will assure a significant improvement almost immediately. Try Adrien Arpel Eye Perfection Cream ($28 on sale for $26).

New!! Gale Hayman Lash Lift Mascara for $16

This new mascara provides longer, fuller lashes with increased volume and curl. It is a silky smooth product that will not clump or flake. It contains ingredients that help prevent smudging and flaking while leaving the lashes flexible and moist. It is both paraben and talc free.

Email me if you would like to order any of the items described. And it is a great time to stock up on lipstick you have been wearing and enjoying or to try something new while they are on sale.