July Fashion Musings

Swimsuit Purchase

When buying a swimsuit, think about the cover-up that will look great with it. Tunics can double as great bathing suit cover-ups as well as tops. (When I travel to a warm destination, I try to purchase a pareo to wear as a cover up as well as serve as a souvenir from my trip.)

Splurge With Color

Summer is the season when you can splurge with color. Think outside the box when combining colors but make sure the colors closest to your face are your most becoming. (If you haven’t had your colors analyzed and would like to know which are most becoming, call or e-mail me for an appointment.)

Quick Freshening Tips

During the summer months, carry a Tide To Go instant stain remover stick in your make-up bag. It really works. Summer foods such as grilled items, ice cream and strawberries and cherries are magnets for staining clothes. The instant stain remover stick helps to save my clothing from having permanent stains.

Place clothes dryer sheets in the toe of your shoes to keep them smelling fresh and clean, especially during the summer months.

Style Tips

Avoid wearing white stockings, unless of course, you are a nurse.

Pay close attention to the bras you wear with white or light colored tops. Avoid wearing lacy bras underneath sheer or form-fitting white tops. Instead choose a smooth cup bra in nude, if you are light-skinned or in black, if you are dark.

Lined pockets in white or sheer pants can cause problems. If they are visible through the fabric, consider snipping out the lining and sewing the pockets closed.

Summer Lip Color

To create a glossy mouth that lasts, use your lip liner to fill in lips completely, not just as an outline. Then add your lipstick and finish with a lip gloss- either clear, soft pink, warm sand, pink shell, orchid, brick red, plum berry, topaz, or copper.