Illusion Dressing

After looking at styles today, have you ever thought to yourself: ‘I could never wear that. I am too heavy or I will look too short?’WHATEVER YOUR SHAPE YOU CAN PUT TOGETHER STYLES THAT ARE BECOMING ON YOU THROUGH ILLUSION DRESSING. Every body can look proportioned with flattering wardrobe choices. Illusion Dressing helps you to highlight your strong points, while camouflaging where you need to. What follows are some guidelines to help you with “Illusion Dressing.”
  • Use COLOR to create your best illusion.Darker clothing is more slenderizing. Black, dark brown, navy blue, dark green and burgundy tones all contribute to a slimmer, sleeker look. Dark colors absorb light and recede into the background. For hiding lumps and heavy areas, darker colors are best.Light colors advance or reflect light and can be used to increase body size.Dress all in one color or in like shades. Monochromatic dressing creates a strong, vertical line, which elongates the body, thereby making you look taller and thinner.Shoes — shoe color should be the same value or darker than your hemline to avoid calling attention to your feet.Hosiery — You look instantly taller and trimmer when you match the color tone of your stockings to your shoe and your hem.
  • Use DETAILS to draw attention to your best features while diverting attention away from those areas you want to de-emphasize. An example would be to wear earrings the same color as your eyes.
    • TEXTURE — Smooth fabrics are slimming while nubby textures add bulk.
    • FINISH –Shiny fabrics make the figure look larger; dull fabrics make the figure look smaller.
    • PATTERNS attract more attention than solids. Make an effort to match the size of the fabric patterns to your body size. A large print overwhelms a small figure; similarly a small print on a large person makes the figure look larger.