How To Get the Perfect Fit

Ever wonder why some clothes just feel better than others?

Jackets: Shoulders should line up with your hips. The length of a jacket should not extend more than an inch past where the bottom of your fingers meet the palm of your hand, unless it is an extended length jacket like a duster or a tunic.
Arms and Sleeves: High armholes allow for the best drape, but they shouldn’t bind. Long sleeves should hit just below your wrist bone. If sleeves are too long, you can look sloppy and heavier than you are.
Pants: When you try on a pair of pants, bend your knees and sit to make sure the crotch is not too tight or the pants are not too short in the rise. The fuller the pant cut, the longer the hem can be. Most pants are hemmed to clear your shoe heel but rest on the front part of the shoe, creating a slight break. Exceptions are very tapered slacks or jeans that typically end at the bottom of the ankle bones.
Skirts: No matter what the length of the skirt, be sure the hem ends at the most flattering point of your leg.
Knits: Contrary to what many think, knits can be altered. They can be blocked wider where needed. Or you can purchase either the top or bottom one size larger to fit through the bodice, or hip area, and then alter the sleeves or waist accordingly.