I know that travel is more difficult at the moment, but parts of the world are opening up. Many of us cannot wait to travel again. Read on for suggestions for the best travel wear.

Best Travel Fabrics for Planes

Polyester (although you may wish to consider whether you will be too hot as this does not breathe)
Wool, cashmere, tencel, lycra, knits, jersey, spandex or a blend of any of these with a natural fiber like cotton would be ideal, giving you the stretch you need for a long period of sitting while still looking crisp.
**I usually take a scarf or shawl with me to keep me warm and comfortable, or work as an airplane pillow or head rest when rolled up and will add some chic to any outfit upon arrival.

Best Fit for Travel Wear

Loose fitting, easy tailoring is the best choice when traveling, especially regarding your pants or bottoms of choice. (You don’t want to deal with tight, constricting pants when you are in a small cabin for a any length of time)
Select materials with some stretch to them to add to your comfort level.

What About Color When Traveling

Choose darker tones when traveling. You may be crammed into a seat that may not be 100% clean. And spills from those wobbly tray tables happen all too often.
If you are traveling to a foreign country, darker or earthy, neutral colors help you blend in and look more low-key. (Save the white clothes for when you get there.)

Travel Purses

Your carry-on purse for travel needs to hold more than you normally would carry. Documents, valuables, your IPad or some magazines and a small makeup kit are some things you should have in your bag.

Travel Shoes

You are likely to have to take your shoes off to go through security. So, you may prefer to have a slip-on style rather than laces.
And make sure your travel shoes can double up as comfortable walking shoes.

Travel Cardigan

No matter where you are traveling, you will most likely need a cover-up in case it gets chilly on your journey or when the sun sets. Select a draped cardigan in a neutral shade as it should go with most outfits in your suitcase. And use the shawl you wore on the plane for extra warmth and to look chic.