A Fashion Consultant You Can Count On

“My earliest influence was my mother, a fashion model in New York City, who began a women’s clothing store and dressed women throughout upstate New York. As a result, I grew up learning about and loving fashion.”

Lynne Glassman believes everyone can look attractive. You just need to know your most becoming colors and styles. She has been offering services such as color analysis, makeovers, face shape and silhouette analysis, personal shopping, and closet “surgery” to clients from all walks of life. Her greatest challenge was learning the technical skills needed to do Powerpoint presentations and understanding social media.

“I look at everyone as a potential client. I work with enthusiasm, self-confidence, and make dreaded activities like shopping, applying makeup, and editing wardrobes a great deal of fun and interesting.”

For a reliable fashion consultant, book Lynne Glassman. She is one of the best in this field.

This article was written by Ashley for Thumbtack Spotlight on February 25, 2015.

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