Fall 2022 Fashion Trends

The new FALL 2022 fashion trends are being shown in stores which means it is a good time to be inspired and perhaps do closet “surgery” first to determine what you have, can get rid of and also what to add to your wardrobe. Remember that just because something is on trend does not necessarily mean it will be becoming on you.


Here are some of the new Fall 2022 fashion trends:


  • Ultra-Baggy Denim – Easily transitions from your sweats.
  • Punk Prep includes pleated midi skirts, tartan pants, coats, bags and skirts, polished loafers and lots of white shirting. 
  • Floor- Skimming Hemlines are found in dresses and wide-legged pants. And more maxi dresses are available this season than in past years.
  • Suits After many months working from home, designers were ready for a more structured look. Try a full suit or can pare the blazer or vest component with your favorite pants or jeans and wear the pants from the suit with a different top.
  • Trench Coats, Leather Coats and Biker Jackets abound and are the epitome of “cool.”
  • Velvet is plentiful and can be found in almost every article of clothing. 
  • Sequins Designers opted for head-to-toe sequins, and like velvet, they can be found on absolutely everything.
  • Sheer and See-Through Some of these items leave little to the imagination, which is okay depending on how much you want to show But, if you prefer a bit more coverage while still opting for this trend, you can purchase a top with sheer arms or have a sheer panel at the bottom of your skirt or dress. 
  • Statement Sleeves This trend has been very popular for the past couple of seasons and continues to be found on blouses, sweaters, dresses and coats for this fall-winter season.
  • Bows, like big sleeves, have been popular for a while now. Bows can look girly or they can look classic, romantic or glamorous. You can select a blazer that ties with a bow, add a bow to a dress or look for a sweater with a bow to mention a few ideas.
  • Lux Leisurewear This trend has been coming since we all wore sweats and the like while at home during the pandemic. Now that our world is turning normal, designers have upgraded leisurewear.
  • Stripes They abound and are vertical, diagonal and horizontal and can be found on every article of clothing from blouses to coats, skirts, and pants. 
  • Dresses Over Pants Wearing dresses over pants can be practical for fall and winter. If you don’t want to wear your pants under a dress, you can opt for a tunic or long sweater. Or you can leave your long dress unbuttoned and wear it as a duster coat. 
  • Wide-leg Pants Wide-leg pants have been popular for the past few seasons and continue to be going forward. Wear them with your sneakers or ankle boots for daily wear, or add a pair of heels for an evening look. Keep your top half streamlined for a balanced silhouette. 
  • Leather Fall and winter are good times to add new textures to your outfits. And there is a great deal of leather in both neutral and bright shades to be found.
  • Towering Footwear is showing up everywhere but only for those with great balance.Afahio