Fall 2019 Fashion

There are those of us who cannot wait for fall and others who are soaking up every last second of summer. Some reinvent themselves every season; others may add a piece or two to their wardrobes. Wherever you may be on the scale, be judicious in selecting new pieces.

Remember that just because something is new and fashionable does not mean it works with your body type or personal style expression. So choose carefully either on your own or with my assistance. glassman.lynne@gmail.com

For the most part, the Fall 2019 season was “sexier and more romantic” than we’ve seen in a while.

Well Suited Tailoring was a key message of the season with emphasis on trousers –wide and comfortable –with a matching blazer. It signifies classic professionalism. Cropped gray trousers were seen with black, thick-soled wingtips.
Skirt or Dress Over Pants –narrow or wide — is a look on the rise.
Pleat Front Pants with High Waists and Tapered Legs create a strong silhouette accented with a boyish blazer and knee-high boots.
Leading Ladies The runways were full of romantic, voluminous dresses. Many were full-skirted, caped and/or had dramatic sleeves.By the same token, party dresses are also supershort, super-tight and very ruched.
Wild Life Whether woven, embossed or embroidered, animal prints are “spot” on.
Greek Dressing Classical draping, more often than not, is used in a skin- tight revealing way.
Winging It Inspired by the 1980’s, shoulders and sleeves are dramatic.
The biggest color trends for Fall are far from neutral. Shocking pink, magenta, violet, royal and marine blue, rich greens – both kelly and yellow greens – canary yellow, and bright red abound.
High-Neck Ruffles Turtlenecks are getting a major update — in Victorian form. Think ruffles, romantic lace, and floral prints that add a little extra flair
Big handbags are dominant.
The rise of the Poncho light enough to be worn in a warm breeze but functional enough to take on a chill is everywhere and at every price point.
Denim is on the wane but still a popular trend.
Plaids, Tartans and Checks are experiencing a renaissance.

If you would like to get a jump start on your fall wardrobe and want my assistance, e-mail me for an appointment. You may want to consider “closet surgery” first so you know what you already have which will help you decide what you truly need.