Color Analysis and Makeover

Often, the first step in improving one’s image is a color analysis and makeover.

Color analysis results are based on your skin pigmentation, eye color, and hair color.  Wearing your best colors affects how you feel about yourself and how others respond to you. Have you had someone say, “That color looks good on you” and then felt good all day? I want you to feel like that every day.

Color Analysis

As a trained and certified color analyst, I create a customized palette with 40 of your most-becoming colors.  And I’ll show you how to use it to develop a flattering wardrobe that brings out your personal best.

Makeover: How to Look Good and Feel Better

I believe everyone can look attractive and present a favorable image. Women simply need to know what makeup, clothing colors and styles are most becoming for them.

Let’s take a look at a basic example of what colors and makeup can do.

The woman featured here has light iridescent summer coloring and a rectangular face shape. In the before photo, the yellowish-pink, short-sleeved jacket doesn’t project the executive image she is seeking. In the after photo, she is wearing a navy blue, long-sleeved jacket, which is in her color palette and more slenderizing and becoming than the brighter top. She accents the jacket with a crisp white blouse and pearls. The deep v neckline of the jacket elongates her face shape and is balanced with a short, choker strand of off-white pearls, adding a classic, yet executive feel to her image.

color_pic4color_pic2 color_pic3 color_pic1

During the makeover, I’ll teach you how to apply foundation, eye makeup, lipstick, and blush that will enhance you. The products I use are paraben free, hypoallergenic and very reasonably priced – if you wish to purchase them – although there is no obligation to do so.

Duration: About 2 hours, includes color analysis, color palette, zippered pouch, written analysis and makeover.

How Much Does it Cost?

2 Hour Session for $200

I accept cash, checks or VENMO


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