The desire for new clothes at this time of the year is inevitable. Whether you are an impulse shopper or a long-term planner, now is the perfect time to review and edit what is in your closet. If the job of sorting through your closet seems overwhelming, the internet cannot do that for you so let me know. I am a first-rate “closet surgeon.”

The goal of “closet surgery” is that your clothing should be in your most becoming colors, should fit and be somewhat in style. I will pull together outfits you never dreamed of wearing together by shopping in your closet using your own clothing and accessories. And I will leave you a list of items you might consider buying to update your wardrobe. Either you can purchase them or hire me to do it with or without you.

“Closet surgery” is fun and a wise and useful exercise. And before you run out to buy something new, you will know what you really need. Makes sense; doesn’t it? Let me know if I can help you with this necessary and sometimes daunting process!!