Closet Editing

The Doctor of Dress can go through your closet, sifting and closet editing, pairing and tossing so you are left with those items that fit and become you. After closet editing, you’ll find you already have multiple outfits using your own clothing and accessories.

What Should I Wear?

Closet Editing - beforeToo many of us have closets jam-packed with clothing we never (or shouldn’t) wear. When I perform surgery on your closet, I make sure that all items you wear near your face are in your best colors and that everything fits, is somewhat in style, and is easily accessible.


Closet Editing

It is often easier to have someone other than yourself “edit” your closet. When I perform “closet surgery,” also known as “editing your closet”, I sort through your clothing and eliminate (with your permission) those items that are really dated, are in unbecoming colors and those that don’t and probably will not fit.

“Shop” In Your Closet

I then “shop” in your closet and create outfits by pulling together pieces you may never have thought about wearing together. I also use your accessories including scarves, jewelry and shoes. Most clients take pictures of the multiple newly constituted outfits and refer to them when getting dressed. My goal is for clients to open their closets and feel like they have many options as opposed to feeling like they have nothing to wear. I also make a list of items clients may consider purchasing to update and complete their wardrobe.

“Organize” your Closet

I also provide tips for organizing, so it is easy to find what you are looking for. This includes tips for organizing jewelry and accessories, and shoes! Also important is keeping a clean and mildew free closet to protect your investment.

Either you can donate the items we eliminate or I can take them to an organization representing the homeless and get you a tax deduction, or if the items are appropriate, to a consignment store.

For a demonstration of Lynne performing closet editing, as shown on Channel 7 News, click here