Look and Feel Great While Working Remotely

Working Remotely

Communicating during such challenging times takes thought and preparation. Many of us are working remotely using: video calls; Zoom; Face Time; Skype; GoToMeeting and webinars. You may think “video conferencing” doesn’t require the same level of polish you would bring to an in-person interview or client meeting, but the visual impact remains the same. Stains and wrinkles can be quite visible. What you want to avoid is looking like you just rolled out of bed or off the treadmill.

What follows are some ways to look and feel put-together while connecting remotely.

  • Dress Your Best. The outfit you select should make you feel confident and comfortable while not being distracting. The camera loves blues, greens, and also pinks, reds, purples and browns. Remember that bulky fabrics can add pounds. To avoid being over-exposed, dress on the conservative side; plunging necklines, crop tops, tank tops and spaghetti straps give the impression you are out of touch with business protocol. Dresses and business tops without jackets that do not cause you to be over-exposed work well. Zippers on jackets, sweaters and tops are good on video as they create a strong vertical line that naturally draws the viewer’s eye to your face and eyes.
  • Jewelry Well-placed jewelry can add visual interest as long as it works well with your outfit and is not a distraction. Avoid over-sized earrings that move around when you speak. Likewise, avoid stackable bracelets that make noise with hand movements. You want people to connect with what you are saying, not with what you are wearing.
  • Make-up — wear it. It adds polish and a finishing touch even if you don’t wear it daily. The amount of makeup should be the same as when you have a head shot done or go on TV. It probably feels weird since you are working from home but you will thank me when you can see yourself on the screen. At the very least, put on a bright lipstick and more blush and setting powder than you usually would do. The powder can control an otherwise shiny face. And, the point of the color is to bring attention to your face and therefore to what you are saying.
  • Background Choose a neutral background that is not cluttered with messy piles, food or beverages. Less is more. Have a clear background if at all possible. If there is something colorful on the wall behind you, wear solid colors so whatever is on the wall is not a distraction. If your background is light, wear something dark. If it is dark, where something bright. You want to avoid blending into the background and losing your on-camera clout. A non-cluttered background allows people to more easily focus on you and what you have to say.
  • Lighting Avoid fluorescent lights as they can cast unflattering shadows. Also avoid overhead lights as they can create dark under eye shadows.
  • Maintain Good Eye Contact The camera should be placed at eye level so you are centered on the screen during the call and easy to see. If using a laptop or iPhone, place something beneath the device to raise it until your eyes are at the same level as the camera lens.
  • Wear Pants. You should be completely dressed. Even if nobody else can see what you are wearing on the bottom, you will feel more professional and act accordingly.
  • Eliminate Distractions If you have animals or children running around in the house, close (and maybe even lock) your office door and let your family know when you are participating in a video meeting . This can help avoid embarrassing situations.
  • Keep Your Notes Nearby If you need to check some notes during your call, jot them down on a sheet of paper and tape them next to your camera. This can help you stay on track. Also keep a notepad and pen handy to make some notes with as little visual disruption as possible.
  • Last Word Make it a practice to give yourself a few minutes before each call to check your appearance one more time before signing on. Remember to check your teeth, hair and makeup. Keep a hair brush, lipstick and other basic essentials along with a small mirror at your desk, if you need a quick touch up.

Miscellaneous Fashion Tips

  • If you are uncertain whether pants are flattering, do not wear them.
  • Eliminate tight elastic that produces bulges. The panty line and tight waistbands are prime culprits.
  • A little looser is always better; but not baggy.
  • Keep your problem areas covered. For example, if your thighs are heavy, do not wear shorts.
  • Tuck your tops smoothly into stockings or panties so they do not bunch up and pad your tummy. If pocket linings show through, have them removed and the pockets sewn closed.
  • Sagging breasts not only make you look older, but they also make you look heavier. Wear a bra that lifts you, and watch the pounds disappear.
  • Do not wear ruffles anywhere you are heavy, or borders, boat necklines, ankle-strap shoes or ankle bracelets.
  • Horizontal lines add visual weight, as do heavy or bulky fabrics.
  • The SHOULDER line is one of the most critical points of design. Every woman looks more slender if she can taper her silhouette from bold shoulders to a slender hemline, whether that hemline is in a jacket, a coat or a dress.
  • Just because it is trendy does not mean you should wear it, especially if it doesn’t flatter your body.
  • Size –Buy clothing that fits the largest part of your body and then alter what might need to be taken in or shortened.
  • Full-length Mirror — Always check your total look — front and back — in a full-length mirror before you leave your home. Better for you to see a problem first than for others to let you know.

Illusion Dressing

After looking at styles today, have you ever thought to yourself: ‘I could never wear that. I am too heavy or I will look too short?’WHATEVER YOUR SHAPE YOU CAN PUT TOGETHER STYLES THAT ARE BECOMING ON YOU THROUGH ILLUSION DRESSING. Every body can look proportioned with flattering wardrobe choices. Illusion Dressing helps you to highlight your strong points, while camouflaging where you need to. What follows are some guidelines to help you with “Illusion Dressing.”
  • Use COLOR to create your best illusion.Darker clothing is more slenderizing. Black, dark brown, navy blue, dark green and burgundy tones all contribute to a slimmer, sleeker look. Dark colors absorb light and recede into the background. For hiding lumps and heavy areas, darker colors are best.Light colors advance or reflect light and can be used to increase body size.Dress all in one color or in like shades. Monochromatic dressing creates a strong, vertical line, which elongates the body, thereby making you look taller and thinner.Shoes — shoe color should be the same value or darker than your hemline to avoid calling attention to your feet.Hosiery — You look instantly taller and trimmer when you match the color tone of your stockings to your shoe and your hem.
  • Use DETAILS to draw attention to your best features while diverting attention away from those areas you want to de-emphasize. An example would be to wear earrings the same color as your eyes.
    • TEXTURE — Smooth fabrics are slimming while nubby textures add bulk.
    • FINISH –Shiny fabrics make the figure look larger; dull fabrics make the figure look smaller.
    • PATTERNS attract more attention than solids. Make an effort to match the size of the fabric patterns to your body size. A large print overwhelms a small figure; similarly a small print on a large person makes the figure look larger.


One of the biggest fashion challenges people face during the holiday season is weight gain. What follows are some tips to help you avoid eating your way through the holidays.

  • Eat healthy meals and snacks throughout the day and especially before a social event. Avoid arriving at functions so hungry that you will want to eat everything in sight. Simple snacks such as raw fruits and vegetables and non-fat, sugar-free yogurt are good choices.
  • Try not to keep tempting foods on hand. Pass along any food gifts or leftovers you fear you may consume. Do not keep high caloric foods on hand for guests who may drop by.
  • Take care of yourself to reduce holiday stress. Being rested, getting exercise and staying relaxed help you control overeating.
  • Spend time with people in ways that do not involve food. Go for a walk, meet at the gym, go to a holiday performance, shop or make holiday gifts together.
  • Brush your teeth, floss, use sugar-free breath mints and gum and put on fresh lipstick and lip liner. There is nothing like a clean, freshly made-up mouth to discourage you from eating.
  • Limit alcohol. It is high in calories, hard to keep track of quantity and it tends to make you want to eat more.
  • Even if you overindulge, do not think it is all over so you may as well eat more. Just make your next meal a healthy one. If you choose splurges carefully, you can still maintain your weight.
  • Wear fitted clothing around your waist to remind you that you have eaten enough!

Save Packing Materials

  • Doing a lot of online holiday shopping? When your orders arrive, save the plastic air inserts that prevent contents from shifting in the box. Use them when storing your purses; tuck the pillows inside handbags so they maintain their shape from season to season.

Guiding Principles for Personal Style

  • Style is not about beauty, age, size, wealth or even fashion; it is about knowing yourself and having the confidence to project your own unique style in a consistent and confident manner.
  • Insist on a good fit. Alterations are the rule, not the exception. The most wonderful garment will not look good if it doesn’t fit you well.
  • Think outfit; not item. Put each piece in the context of your wardrobe and lifestyle and accessorize it.
  • Buy the best you can afford,. You don’t need a lot of clothing when you have the right pieces.
  • Take it one step at a time. A wardrobe is built over time, not over night.
  • A great visual image increases self-esteem: when you know you look your best, you will walk, talk and even think differently and others will respond accordingly.

FALL 2018 Preview

This weekend, summer is officially over. But that means it is time to begin thinking about your fall wardrobe. I believe that the best wardrobes are thought about proactively, not waiting until halfway through the season. So let me know if you are ready to make either a closet “surgery” appointment (so you know what you already have before hitting the stores ) or a personal shopping appointment. I am accepting appointments now for September and October.

The WILD WEST is one of the most pervasive trends of the season. If fringe sweaters, ponchos, earth tones, and suede textures are your favorites, this trend is for you. Look for western details on button-down shirts to wear with leather or suede pants for modern cowgirl vibes. The modern cowboy boot is ultra pointed with a tapered block heel, but the traditional silhouette is also very in style. Top off your outfit with a shearling jacket or purse.

  • LOGO MANIA, PLAID and ANIMAL PRINTS appear from head to toe
  • KNITS – that favorite sweater feeling also goes from head to toe.
  • CHUNKY SNEAKERS with sequins, irridescent and in neon tones are worn with any and everything.
  • BELT BAGS worn around the waist or slung across your shoulder as well as SADDLE BAGS are extremely popular.
  • WINTER WHITE in dresses, pants, sweaters and accessories
  • SCARF PRINTS on dresses and accessories, including head wraps

What to Buy – Fashion Tip

Wish you could feel put together every day? You can trust me to get the job done and hold your hand throughout the entire process.
You may want to consider closet “surgery” before or in conjunction with personal shopping, so you have a better handle on what you have and what you “need.” Contact me with questions or if you would like to book an appointment.
If you order from the website, please be sure you list me as your consultant — Lynne Glassman — so I receive some credit for the sale. Of course, I would always prefer you order/reorder directly from me and I will mail the products to you right away.
If you are active on Facebook, please like me on my Facebook page: Lynne Glassman: Image Consultant.

Update for FALL 2013


Get Organized: Pack Summer Away

Make sure the items you store are laundered or dry cleaned. Even if clothing appears clean, invisible stains — especially in light colored linen and cotton — can turn into permanent spots by the time you take them out to wear for vacation or next summer. Moths are drawn by deodorant, perfume and body odor. Invisible stains from clear soda or white wine will turn yellow over time and can become impossible to remove. And be sure to remove all dry-cleaning bags from your closet to air out fumes and prevent fabrics from becoming discolored.

When possible, store off-season clothing in canvas bags which allow the fibers to breathe. Or drape a clean cotton sheet over hanging clothes, making sure the shoulders and sleeves are covered. You can also put shoulder covers over your hanging clothing to protect the shoulders year-round; I do.

Sweaters can be zipped into sweater bags. If using plastic boxes, line them with a clean, unbleached sheet folded over the garments to help absorb any potential moisture. However, always put fur and leather garments in canvas bags.

No matter how you store your clothing, it should be in a cool, dry area.

Closet Surgery: Organizing Your Closet

FALL is the perfect time to review what is in your closet. If the job of sorting through your closet seems overwhelming, let me know. I am a “gifted closet surgeon.” The goal of “closet surgery” is that your every day options should be in your most becoming colors, should fit and should be in style. I can pull together outfits you never dreamed of wearing together by shopping right in your own closet using your very own clothing. It is fun and it is cathartic so let me know if I can assist you).

Update Your Wardrobe

That being said, update your wardrobe each season with something new. For FALL 2013 consider giving your wardrobe a burst of brilliance with something in purple. From lavender to eggplant, purple reigns. If your feet can tolerate it, pointed toes are seen on everything from pumps to boots.

Red is the new neutral and everyone has either warm (yellow) reds or cool (blue reds) in their color palette. So look for a top or a scarf or a new lipstick in your best shade of red.

Leather – both real and fake — can be found for almost every article of clothing.

Decorate this season’s clothing with dyed-to-match stones in hues of amethyst, garnet and ruby found in multifaceted necklaces.

 Fall 2013 Trends

But remember that just because a trend happens does not mean you need to adopt it. Wear only what flatters you, not just because it is “in.”