Lynne Glassman

Lynne Glassman

Caring For Your Wardrobe

A wardrobe is an "edited" collection of pieces in your most becoming colors and styles, all of which fit your lifestyle and body type. If you take care of your clothing, it will last longer and look fresher. Here are some tips to assist you.

Looking Thinner Instantly

Minimal Cost – No Exercise – Ways to Trim Pounds Wardrobe choices can trim 10 to 15 visual pounds– INSTANTLY! Wear a “column of color” — one color head to toe. Add a contrasting over-layer OPEN so the eye continues to…

Caring for Cashmere

HOW TO CARE FOR CASHMERE SWEATERS Cashmere is a delicate wool knit that requires special handling and care to preserve the integrity of the fabric. Since cashmere sweaters can snag, absorb odors and attract dirt and stains relatively easily, it’s…

Love Linen but Hate Wrinkles

Love Linen but Hate Wrinkles? Look for linen blends — fabrics that combine linen with other fabrics, such as rayon — to keep wrinkling to a minimum. Ask your dry cleaner to use extra starch when laundering your linen pieces.…