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Get Your Style On

Feeling insecure is no fun. Don’t be held back by your style.
Your look should be more than just a sketch.
The Doctor of Dress can help you color your style

Meet Lynne Glassman

In my second career, Doctor of Dress was born. I believe everyone can look and feel amazing. All you need to know are your best colors and styles! I know that fashion options are overwhelming and that makes you unsure of what to buy. I use tools and experience to teach you the colors and styles that are right for you. After seeing so many people struggle with finding the right clothes, I created a process you can easily use to look and feel amazing.

Color Analysis and Makeover

Wondering if color matters?
Learn how certain colors can enhance your look. I customize your color palette and apply foundation, eye makeup, lipstick and blush for a makeover. Your customized color palette includes colors that are right for you.  I’ll teach you how to use the palette, so you can look your best every day.

Diverse group of women putting on makeup

2 Hours Session/$200

Closet Editing

Closet full and still have nothing to wear?
Turn your overstuffed closet into a shopping experience. We evaluate every item for style, fit and color and keep what works so you can feel your best every day.

Shot of a beautiful young woman choosing clothes from her closet in the morning at home

3 Hours Session/$350

Personal Shopping

Frustrated shopping for clothes?
Your personal profile creates a shopping strategy for your lifestyle and budget. We can shop together, or I can present you with options so you can dress your best every day.

A fashion designer is helping her customer who is fitting on a new dress in the showroom. Candid shot.

3 Hours Session/$350

Reasons to Hire an Image Consultant

  • You want to improve your self-confidence.
  • You want to know your most becoming colors.
  • You want to know which styles become you the most.
  • You want to learn how to put outfits together.
  • You want to open your closet and know what to wear.
  • You are looking for a new job and need help presenting your best self.
  • You are looking for a new mate and want to look “desirable” yet appropriate.
  • You are too busy to shop.
  • You have a few great items but can’t find the right pieces to wear with them.
  • You have trouble finding items that fit properly.
  • You need help accessorizing.
  • You have a special trip or event scheduled and “nothing to wear.”
  • You recently changed sizes.
  • You hate to shop but want to look fabulous.

The Doctor of Dress, Lynne Glassman, will help enhance your personal image while saving you precious time and money. Lynne’s work is geared to help you build confidence and to make the most of your unique assets. Her services are affordable, and schedule is flexible. And now offering appointments via Zoom.

Lynne Glassman, Doctor of Dress, Shares Tips for Zoom

"After doing a color analysis and makeover, Lynne showed me how to put together a balanced, head-to-toe look that brings out my best features and sense of beauty in myself I did not know existed. She helped define a personal style that highlights that confidence and beauty. I walked away with the knowledge and tools to perpetuate that style. I have not stopped glowing or smiling."
Image Makeover for Stay at Home Mom
Stay at Home Mom
"Working with Lynne was such a wonderful experience. Two young kids and working from home this year has really taken its toll on my fashion sense. I found myself wearing the same outfits over and over again. Lynne helped bring clarity to the confusion that existed in my closet by simplifying my wardrobe to styles that not only fit my personality, but were also “in-style.” We realized that my closet was full of high quality solid basics, but lacked the pizzazz which brought everything together to make a great outfit. She taught me about my color palette which was extremely helpful. Never have I felt so confident or comfortable in my style. I so enjoyed Lynne’s practicality and gentle encouragement to move me forward – just what I needed. She even took photos to help me remember the outfits. Lynne, you are the ultimate professional. Your combination of style savvy, fit expertise and deep understanding of my personality was so empowering. Thank you for transforming my wardrobe and for helping me show my best self to the world. You are simply wonderful to work with and nothing short of that! Thank you! – Alexis "
Working From Home and Mom