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Everyone can use an Image Consultant! Within 5 seconds of meeting someone, you make a critical first impression.  Whether you are a man or
woman, a professional or stay-at-home mom, teenager or middle-aged, gay or transgender, my image consulting services help you create a positive first impression and a favorable personal image that will last well beyond those first 5 seconds.

Reasons to Hire an Image Consultant

You want to improve your self-confidence.

You want to know your most becoming colors.

You want to know which styles becomes you the most.

You want to learn how to put outfits together.

You want to open your closet and know what to wear.

You are looking for a new job and need help presenting your best self.

You are looking for a new mate and want to look “desirable” yet appropriate.

You are too busy to shop.

You have a few great items but can’t find the right pieces to wear with them.

You have trouble finding items that fit properly.

You need help accessorizing.

You have a special trip or event scheduled and “nothing to wear.”

You recently changed sizes.

You hate to shop but want to look fabulous.

I will help enhance your personal image while saving you precious time and money. My work is geared to help you build confidence and to make the most of your unique assets. My services are affordable, and my schedule is flexible.